NOTE: We are slowly working on getting our new website up and running.  You can purchase directly from this site, but until we are completely set up, you will find the best selection by visiting us on etsy: http://keylimesupplies.etsy.com/


My studio was becoming slowly overrun with all sorts of crafty goodies. The problem? All sorts of ideas, but not nearly enough time to complete them all! I started Key Lime Supplies as a way to pass on my crafty goodies to fellow crafty types. I felt a lot better about getting rid of my treasures knowing they were going to good homes around the world!

My two main crafts are art journals and jewelry making – in fact, I teach jewelry making classes to teens and art journals to teens and adults. Much of my inventory consists of the same supplies I like to use in my own work. I use book cloth tape to bind journals, washi tape for packaging and decorative elements, and sequin waste as stencils on my art journal pages.

I love seeing pictures of items that my customers have created using the supplies in my shop! Is so fun to see the supplies that were gathering dust in my studio being finally out to good use. If you send me a picture, I will send you a coupon!

I love finding items by special request – if you are looking for something special, convo me to see if I can help track it down.

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