Mint Green leaves

Mint Green Leaves – Extra Wide Punchinella Sequin Waste


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Product Description

Looking to add some cool dimension to your art journal or scrapbook pages? Look no further than this awesome punchinella (aka sequin waste). This stuff is seriously fun!

This listing is for a 12 inch piece of my brand new extra wide punchinello sequin waste. I searched high and low to track down new designs in this extra wide punchinella! This sequin waste is awesome for adding dimension to your art making; since its so wide (6.25 inches; 158 mm), you can easily cover a wider area on your canvas or scrapbook page with less seaming on the final result. If you are working on a smaller project, you can make an instant background without trying to match up your edges! I love it!

You will get a piece that measures:
6.25 inches wide x 12 inches long

This design is:
Shiny Green Leaves

The leaf shaped holes measure approximately:
15 x 8 mm

Not a fan of iridescence? The shiny layer is actually a very thin film applied over the minty green base; it is very easy to peel off and remove. You could also carefully peel off the iridescent layer to add directly your canvas; it is easy to remove, but not so easy to keep in one solid piece.

If you choose to use this as a stencil, you should be able to use it multiple times before you would need to replace it, depending on your media and how carefully you rinse it. (I always rinse off gesso and molding paste, but not paint generally). I use my punchinella over and over again lots of times!

So what is punchinello exactly?

Punchinella is the by-product of the sequin manufacturing process — rather than let this stuff go to waste, manufacturers make this sequin waste available to the public for fabulous artistic experimentations. Lots of people use this for everything from wreath-making to stenciling in our art journals! If you haven’t tried it yet — what are you waiting for? You’ll love it!

Here’s is a quick video tutorial I made on using it:

punchgrleaf1 punchgrleaf2 punchgrleaf3 punchgrleaf4 punchgrleaf5

Please note: because punchinella is the by-product from the manufacturing process of sequins, some imperfections are to be expected. Shapes may be irregular in shape, have split connections, or be bent.